What will be the result of this project?
The major objectives of this project is to produce a 10-Year Transit Development Plan which defines the transportation needs of the region and how LYNX intends to support those needs. Strategies will be developed to focus and respond the key areas identified. In combination, an updated network will also be produced with improved frequency and reliability when it comes to fixed-route services as a result of the Route Optimization Study.

Who funded this project?
LYNX is funding this project.

Why are we doing this project?
LYNX, in collaboration with an extensive list of partner agencies, is pursuing this project in an attempt to better understand the needs, issues, and opportunities existing in the Central Florida transit network.

When will the project be completed? When are the major milestones?
These dates are listed in the schedule section of this site which can be accessed through this link. The project is set to finish up in the spring of 2018.

How will we fund any improvements coming out of this project?
Funding is a key element for evaluation in the TDP. The improvements recommended throughout the project will be funded according to the specific circumstances and connected infrastructure related to the improvement.

How can I provide more input? How can I get involved?
Public input in this project is encouraged and essential for the project goals. There are multiple ways of getting involved including public workshops, grassroots activities, as well as online platforms and social media. Sign up for our email list by clicking here.