About the Study

The Central Florida Regional Transportation Authority is embarking on a journey to rebuild the transit network services throughout the service area. This will be accomplished by a critical review of current conditions and gaps as well as innovative approaches to achieving solutions for the community's transportation needs. LYNX is moving forward into a 21st century system, offering more frequent, reliable, and quality service for all central Florida riders.

Transit Development Plan

LYNX is preparing the FY 2018-2027 major update of the Ten-Year Transit Development Plan (TDP) which is required by the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), as dictated by Sections 39.135 and 339.155 of the Florida Statutes. This plan will serve as the basis for identifying the public transportation needs within the LYNX service area. The document determines the strategic transit plan for the Central Florida Region and is required in order to receive federal funding for transit (Section 341.052 F.S.)

Route Optimization Study

The development of a Route Optimization Study seeks to reimagine the fixed-route network in order to create a network with more frequent services and increased reliability. Additionally, LYNX is interested in developing an integrated system by creating seamless connections with SunRail, Bus Rapid Transit projects (Downtown Orlando LYMMO service), ridesharing and bikesharing services, and other modes of travel.